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12:09 am: i was on myspace.com today and i talked to one of sebastians friends. i think that goes into the category of "Loser" or maybe even "Herb" or "Desperate"! i'm going for desperate. i really don't think that when you call a guy a hoe that he should spaz the fuck out like that. but anyways...his friend was actually pretty nice. he put an add on his page to tell him to talk to me. the funny thing was that he told him to stop being a "pussy" and just talk to me. i just can't help it, he's so fucking pretty!!! i just want to......(*ashleigh thinking*)!!!lol. but i just hope he listens to his friend and actually talks to me. i would appreciate it greatly. :(

so now i'm sitting here bored as hell. there is no one to talk to. it seems like everyone is online but they're busy. i could really use some trees right now, damn this sucks.

i really want to see jr right now. lol i know that this is random as hell. jr makes me angry but its a funny angry. i mean yeah i do feel like skinning him sometimes but it's all in good fun, right?

roblet is out tonight. hopefully he's having fun. after today he deserves it.

i think i might go change my myspace page. this is how bored i am. its really sad!!! REALLY SAD!

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Date:February 9th, 2005 03:00 am (UTC)
You know what the irony is in all of this?
Sebastian's friend called him a "pussy". I think that THAT is worse than being called a ho.

But seriously. This is stupid. It has been 2 years. He needs to MOVE ON! GOD what a pussy!

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